Americans and the Gays


The latest Gallup poll shows that we've dramatically narrowed the gap in public opinion on the question of marriage rights. In the last decade, when the Christianist right was at their apex of power, the margins have gone from 68 opposed to marriage equality and 27 percent in favor to 53 opposed and 46 in favor. So the majority against marriage rights for gays is now just outside the margin of error. By any measure, that's a staggering victory in the debate. Yes, there are backlashes with every advance. But that's the case with every civil rights movement - especially when one political party has decided to milk prejudice for short-term gain. And at the rate we're going, we should have a clear national majority for marriage rights in the next decade. When you look at the 18 - 35 year olds, we now have 75 percent saying that being gay is "an acceptable alternative lifestyle." Forget the vile phrase and look at the data. The debate is basically over.

On the other hand, being gay is about as morally wrong as having an abortion, according to the poll. Huh? And, according to Shrum (and I believe him), Bill Clinton is an asshole. But gays knew that already, didn't we? Or are there still some delusional morons out there who think Bill Clinton and his life-partner give a flying DNA sample about gay people? Yes, the last president was marking the dress of an extra-marital lover, while he was grandstanding on the Defense of Marriage Act. That says everything about Bill Clinton that you'll ever need to know.