American Muslims

Is this study (PDF) a dire warning of an enemy within? Only 40 percent of American Muslims believe Arabs carried out the 9/11 attacks. 47 percent consider themselves Muslims first, Americans second. And yet at the same time, America is doing a far, far better job of integrating Muslim immigrants than Europe, and the vast majority abhor terrorism. Money quote:

The survey shows that although many Muslims are relative newcomers to the U.S., they are highly assimilated into American society. With the exception of very recent immigrants, most report that a large proportion of their closest friends are non-Muslims. On balance, they believe that Muslims coming to the U.S. should try and adopt American customs, rather than trying to remain distinct from the larger society. And by nearly two-to-one (63%-32%) Muslim Americans do not see a conflict between being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society.

Malkin freaks out (surprise!). Chotiner worries. So does Douglas Farah. There does seem to me to be some cause for concern. The reflexive defense of all things Muslim and the support of even a small minority for religious violence are troubling - and have no parallel among other religions or ethnicities. But an over-reaction might actually compound matters. Broadly speaking, I think blogger Thoreau has the best balance. Vigilance and clarity are what we need - and faith that in the long run, the genius of America will integrate Muslim immigrants as successfully as it has Catholics. Compared to France or Britain, the US has been doing a great job. Not the government, of course. The society.