I wish I understood them. For much of my childhood, I was crippled with asthma the minute spring came. It wouldn't relent until late summer. Exam time - which in England was always at the height of June - was a battle between the water streaming out of my nose and the ink on paper in front of me. Yesterday I was fine and so thrilled with the cool sun, we took the dogs for a long walk. Then suddenly a few hours later, the floodgates in my sinuses opened. Unable to breathe through my nose for a few hours coupled with cartoon-like sneezes that had Aaron in stitches, I littered the apartment with various soaked remnants of paper towels. The CPAP is also fun when your nose is exploding within it. My daily trip to the office - a wonderful bike ride through Rock Creek Park - now beckons like an entry to hell. So I'm staying put today.