A Troop, Not A Pack

A reader writes:

In the caption for your "Face of the Day," the Boy Scout placing a flag on a grave, you wrote:

"David Matthews of Pack 308 places a flag on a grave at Zachary Taylor National Cemetery May 26, 2007 in Louisville, Kentucky."

This is a minor point, but if he's a Boy Scout, which he is, he would be in Troop 308, not Pack 308. "Pack" is the term for a unit of Cub Scouts, which is for boys under 11. "Troop" is the term for a unit of of Boy Scouts, who are older than 11. By using the term "Pack," you're implying that he's in Cub Scouts, and therefore under 11. As I said, it's a minor point, but, to a boy of that age, it can be a big deal.

Also, a point of trivia: I can tell that the boy in the picture is a Boy Scout, as opposed to a Cub Scout, by the uniform. That particular uniform has been around for a while, but it was originally designed by Oscar de la Renta back in 1980.

Oscar de la Renta! That old queen Lord Baden Powell, who founded the Boy Scouts, would be pleased.