"Downtown Snootiness??!!"

A reader writes:

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew....

I have been saying for many years that the problem with most people is that they have no idea WHAT FOOD LOOKS LIKE ... much less where it comes from. Come on down to OZarkistan (no kidding, this is a serious invite), and I will show you what fresh bass from a spring fed Ozark stream (not to mention the beer!!!) tastes like. And if that don't suit ya... How's about a skillet of pan fried squirrel? Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, nothin' better!!!

Truth is, there is nothing "snootier" than someone wanting "sterile" (read: pre-packaged) food. YOU NEED TO SKIN A POSSUM!!!! (It ain't hard and it sure does taste good!)

Truly... I ain't kidding Andrew. Take a long weekend. Fly into St. Louis. I will come up and pick you up, and treat you like a King (what is your favorite drink?). I have a friend, very liberal, very "open minded" who thinks one cannot be gay and conservative  and another as queer as a 3 $ bill (if I can use that very politically incorrect term) who would have a hoot on the river with you. I (think) I can guarantee they will be there.

It's a Jager shot followed by a regular coke with a slice of lemon, since you asked. And I prefer my possums pre-skinned, thank you.