Vive La Resistance

Victor Gold's new book is raising a ruckus. He is, of course, an excitable hysterical leftist. He has all the credentials:

Gold was a speechwriter for Bush Sr. and was a prominent Goldwater disciple. He is a personal friend of the Bush family and many other prominent politicians. His previous books include Looking Forward, the autobiography of George H. W. Bush, and a satirical fiction, The Body Politic, coauthored with Lynne Cheney.

See what I mean? Obvious RINO. The title of his new book says a lot. It's called "Invasion of the Party Snatchers: How The Holy Rollers and the Neocons Destroyed the GOP". Money quote:

In Tom DeLay’s eyes, as we might have guessed, God isn’t just a registered Republican but an activist who works up wedge issues to keep the party base engaged.... No event or pseudo-event since the rise of the Theo-Cons in the 1980’s better exemplifies their contempt for traditional conservative values than the crass exploitation of the Terri Schiavo case by a Republican White House and congressional majority in the spring of 2005.

Pause here to get our political and, more importantly, constitutional bearings: For point of reference, no Congress in historynot even the most liberal, loose-constructionist Congress of the New Deal or Great Society erasever considered ordering the federal courts to take jurisdiction over an individual case involving powers reserved to the states.

Excitable. Hysterical. Leftist. RINO. More, please.