A reader reminisces:

Ah, memories - thanks for that one! I do have Trog at home but haven't watched it in ages. I used to think Trog was a sad comedown from Crawford's golden days in Mildred Pierce, A Woman's Face, etc. - but this clip is very special.

By the way, Trog was played by Joe Cornelius - lovely guy, a pro wrestler who then tried his hand at acting, which turned out to be a fairly brief interlude for him until he took over the local pub in Pimlico, the area of London where I spent my teenage years during the 1970s. I didn't (couldn't) set foot inside Joe's pub, but my mum and her boyfriend certainly could, and did, drawn there by Joe's warm hospitality! I'm sure the licensing laws have changed since our day ... Nice to see Michael Gough flying the flag in there also.

An extra treat then. If you watch the whole movie, Ms Crawford is quite clearly sloshed through much of it. Can't blame her myself.