The Tennessee Team

A reader writes:

Andrew, it's factually inaccurate to call Tennessee a white girls' team (as you do in your Times article). Like Rutgers and all of the elite teams, they are majority-black. (I count three white players out of eleven in their team photo - and one of their starting five.) They have lighter skin and they straighten their hair, but that's another story ... that's why Imus and co. were making their Jigaboos/Wannabes reference.

My terminology was too crude, and I was compressing the point too much, I guess, for a British readership. What I was reacting to was the video footage during the remarks when Imus was praising the Tenessee team just as a blonde, white woman was being hoist aloft. And the distinction he was making was a racial one - just not as stark as I made it out to be. Apologies and thanks for the correction.