The Oldest Story

An American soldier does what soldiers have done for centuries - go looking for sex. Trouble is: this is Afghanistan and the dangers are immense. But our hero (who wouldn't pass the Imus test) is undeterred:

There were about 8-10 girls, and maybe 3-4 at best were worth looking at. I chatted one up for a bit, then quickly changed course, in favor of a bigger breasted, more tender seated, slightly older woman. This action illustrates a strongly held principle of mine when it comes to whore mongering. I will always go for a girl with a fit body and a less exciting face as opposed to the reciprocal of that equation. A pretty face on a whore is a lot like a GPS tracking system in a Humvee. They're nice to have, but not mission essential.

Of course, I cannot verify this story which appears anonymously in a Moscow internet paper.