The Best Anti-War Argument

A reader writes:

As far as anti-war arguments go, why hasn't anyone simply stated that they're trying to protect the soldiers from President Bush, rather than the insurgents? Just saying we should end the war provides far too many opportunities for Bush & Co. to say, "the soldiers want to stay until they accomplish their mission" or "the soldiers want to stay and win."

Of course they do. We all want them to win. But the simple fact is that they can't win when they have the huge handicap Bush's leadership gives them. I just really wish someone in the opposition party would call the President's and war's defenders out on this, and simply say, "I'd love to win the war as well. But we have to protect the soldiers from our President's delusions." Make Bush out to be our soldiers' greatest threat, and force the supporters to prove he's competent.

Bush's rank incompetence has been the greatest threat to the troops - and to American security. I have no idea why the Democrats don't actually start accusing Bush of aiding terrorism by his ineptness. It's what the Republicans would do if Bush were a Democrat.