Stop Aqueduct Before Dance-Fever Sweeps the Nation!

[Reihan] Several weeks ago, during SXSW, I saw one of the most joyful, raucous performances of my life.  The band was called Aqueduct, and they've fast become one of my all-time favorites.  Silly, brassy, loud and deeply strange, Aqueduct makes music for fist-pumping sing-alongs and quiet reflection alike.  The A.V. Club's Noel Murray placed Aqueduct, accurately, at the intersection of Pavement and The Beastie Boys: this will either make you cover your ears and head for the hills, or it just might be up your alley.  Thanks to the miracle that is Hype Machine, you can sample some of their tracks for yourself.  I recommend "Living A Lie" for starters.  I saw Aqueduct again this past Friday, and I danced like a lunatic.  At one point it occurred to me that I was fast becoming an embarrassment to the human race, not to mention my lovely companion, and yet the music was just too good.  Superego failing.  Id taking over.  Can't ... fight ... urge to dance.