Shooting War

[Reihan] Ross wants you to read The Lords of Breakfast, and I respect that. Many years ago I went by the name "Hash Brown," fully intending to start a brunch-oriented rap supergroup with members named FlapJaxx and Hardboiled and songs titled "Sippin' on Maple Sizzurp," "Only Built for Sausage Linx," "Tata, Frittata," and, my personal favorite, "Brown Ops." It occurs to me that "The Lords of Breakfast" would have been a wonderful name for my non-existent ensemble. Alas, my lyrical skills, as evidenced by this ancient post, were never quite up to snuff.

That said, I have another candidate for comic of the year, namely the slightly smutty (I am a prude) anti-war agitprop graphic novel Shooting War. I can't imagine I agree with the creators on much of anything (well, maybe some things), but they've created a vivid and disturbingly plausible portrait of Iraq's near future. Then there are the delightful cameos.