Rudy and Schiavo

Giuliani says he supported federal intervention in the Schiavo case. Ryan Sager fears it's pandering. I fear it's not. The key thing to grasp about Giuliani is that he sees himself as a problem-solver - and politics as a series of problems to be solved. If he has power and he sees a problem that offends him or he decides needs to be fixed, he regards all obstacles - constitutional or political - as affronts. I see no evidence he has anything but the shallowest grasp on the constitutional system, the limits that are placed on any single player's power and authority, the differing roles of state and federal law, and on and on. He wants to be mayor of America, not president. Intervening in the Schiavo case is therefore a no-brainer for him. Why not? His heart is in the right place. Put Giuliani in an executive office already unshackled from the constitution by Cheney and the future of American liberty, already dimmed by Republican excess, may grow even darker.