Reality Check in Iraq

Andy Bacevich states the obvious, which is why he must be gainsaid by Cliff May. (Note to self: What has happened to Cliff? He seems to think that we should base our strategy on Zarqawi, not self-interest.) Fred Kaplan outlines two realistic, but tough goals for the next president in finding a way forward. I'm still prepared to hope for something from the surge, but it's unhinged to expect Petraeus to turn an entire civil war around by September. We may have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that this president and vice-president would rather leave office with a foreign policy catastrophe than admit they have been wrong. They are strapping themselves into the exit-pod, while they send the space-ship GOP into electoral oblivion. Giuliani and McCain may want the 2008 election to be framed around the question: do you want defeat in Iraq or victory? But the question may be moot by then, if it isn't already. And so may the Republican party.