Quote of the Day

From the Wall Street Journal today:

"WSJ.COM: What did you learn during the making of this film, "Taxi To The Dark Side"? Did your goals change as the film evolved?

ALEX GIBNEY: I was first consumed with the question of "why?" Expert literature says torture will always get people to talk, it's very effective that way. But by and large, what people say isn't reliable. So why use it? I kept asking that question to everyone I met. And they told me, "Well, it's political. You get exactly what you want to hear." Over time, it becomes a very useful thing: a means to hear what you want to hear, and also to get others to say what you want them to say.

The point of torture is torture. And it is the nemesis of freedom, which is why George Washington pioneered and insisted upon its abolition. George W. Bush will go down in history as the man who betrayed the founder of this country - in order to lose a war.