Ostriches on the Right

I know I should leave the Corner alone, but the intellectual cowardice of much of the right with respect to this awful administration is just so glaring, and so much part of the problem, that it requires pointing out, however awkward it makes any sort of social life in DC. A reader piles on about NRO's Full Metal Silence on a week of brutal bombing in Iraq and the latest damning evidence about the politicization of justice under Bush-Cheney:

If a Democratic administration was: asserting executive privilege on all conversations this side of what they said to the cleaning lady (oh wait, I think that's covered too); and finally admitting to a long maintained parallel email and document destruction (oops - I mean retention) system run through the DNC; and confessing to how that system seems to have "misplaced" 5 million emails, including all those by the president's political guru; and if this same Democratic administration had selected unqualified and incompetent, but politically loyal, lawyers to run many of the top jobs at the Justice Dept; and was protecting a democratic AG who lied to Congress and needed weeks to "practice" before testifying again, the Cornerites would be quiet too. Don't ya think?

Not that some of them haven't already tossed Gonzales overboard (because he isn't a "true conservative") in the hopes that his removal will draw attention away from the real underlying problems with the administration, of which Gonzales is but a symptom.