O'Reilly Again

More readers pile on:

You really might want to avoid throwing stones at Tim O'Reilly. O'Reilly has a long and distinguished history in technology publishing. The "Nutshell" handbooks that O'Reilly published were some of the definitive source materials that were used to build the Internet. Stating that O'Reilly should "crawl back under a rock" makes you petty, foolish, and above all ignorant. Moreover, it seems more than a bit hypocritical to chastise O'Reilly for advocating "managed, civilized, dialogue" when you yourself refuse to implement any kind of comments or feedback structure on your own web page.

For the record, its quite easy to combine filtering with the free speech that you claim to value. Technology sites like Slashdot.org were implementing collaborative filtering systems back before you started your first blog. These systems provide end users with the ability to build personalized filters and dramatically improve the signal to noise ratio during heated discussion. (It's important to note that end users have enormous choice regarding whether they wish to use a filter and choose how these filters will be implemented).

I've removed the rock swipe.