Another view:

Considering that most of your respondents are surely like me, having no idea if you even read our emails, and knowing well how seldom you publish them (unless they help you make a point one way or another), I think it highly improbable that your readers vote 10-1 against comments. Comments can be moderated, you know.  And while there are many posted comments that are ignorant, uninformed, and occasionally vulgar, it is preferable, especially in 'the blogosphere', to have the opportuity to make a cogent and lucid point rather than dealing with an imperious blogger such as yourself.  My usual response to a 'no comments' blog - especially a high profile and successful one - is, What are you afraid of?  Your no comments policy is the act of a control freak, not someone willing to engage in the sometimes messy and often fractious marketplace of ideas. And, of course, I will never know if you read this one, either.

You do now.