Obama (Still) Rising

[Ross] He's opened a significant lead over Hillary in South Carolina, The Nation's John Nichols reports, which suggests that the rumors of black voters giving Obama the cold shoulder may turn out to be greatly exaggerated. Meanwhile, Mickey Kaus flags a Rasmussen poll showing a Hillary-Obama dead heat nationwide, and Chris Bowers speculates about why Rasmussen might be more accurate than the competing polls that still show an edge for Clinton. (And this nifty fund-raising map lets you see where all the candidates are getting their money from.)

Then again, wasn't it just two weeks ago that Nichols was highlighting a slew of polls showing Hillary pulling away? I think it was. I suppose the lesson here could be that we shouldn't be reading so much into polling fluctuations, given that the primaries are still eight months away and all. But that wouldn't be very much fun, would it?