Novak on Bloch

Interesting context:

[Scott J.] Bloch, a devout Catholic, has been under attack for three years in leading the independent investigative agency because of his interpretation of statutes covering workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. He also has been publicly accused of hiring too many Catholics. Clay Johnson, deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget and another Texan brought to Washington by Bush, joined the attack on Bush-appointee Bloch. The case became a cause celebre on the right when Bloch was told by a prominent Catholic layman close to Bush that it would be better if he just resigned.

Now, the tables are turned, with Bloch investigating the White House.

So it's payback time? I wonder if Bloch, who has seven children, is in Opus Dei, or close to Novak's own Opus Dei guru, Father John McCloskey. And I wonder who the "prominent Catholic layman close to Bush" is.