Indolent Lymphoma

A reader writes:

My mom died of lymphoma almost 8 years ago at the age of 72. Never sick a day in her life before this diagnosis. Never smoked, was very active, thin, and otherwise healthy. She ate tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, not because it was healthy but because she preferred them to junk food. Very little meat, lots of fish.

Anyway, she had indolent lymphoma for three and a half years. No symptoms except for small lumps on her neck which came and went. Never missed work. Then, out of the blue, her lymphoma became very aggressive. She was given chemo, but died five weeks after her lymphoma was known to be aggressive.

All the statistics were in her favor - we were told that indolent lymphoma usually, but not always, does not become aggressive. Mom would probably die of old age before the lymphoma. With lymphoma (I don't know about other cancers) you just have to wait and pray. You just don't know.