Hope For Conservatism?

A Cornerite criticizes a Republican thus:

He's a bonapartist or, as Grover puts it, a caesarist. I don't mean just that he has a big ego and thinks he's the greatest thing since the hula hoop that's pretty much a job requirement for politicians. Instead, (and again, this is just the vibe I get from him, I don't have any youtube videos to point to) he acts as though he's the embodiment of the General Will, the personification of the Nation, "the man on the white horse", as the French say. I don't mean to sound unhinged about the man, but his character his political temper, at least is simply incompatible with republican institutions.

George "We Do Not Torture" Bush? Dick "Go Fuck Yourself" Cheney? Rudy "Kill The Ferrets" Giuliani? Nah. Those caesarists seem to have made the cut. It's McCain who summons up these feelings. Sigh.