GOP Priorities

Scott Schools, mentioned in the Dish here and here, turns out to be almost a definition of a Bush-Rove Republican:

Schools is a GOP party guy (he's given $11,000 since 2000), and was recently appointed on an interim basis to the San Francisco-area U.S. Attorneys Office. He came from South Carolina via Washington, D.C., instead of the usual route, where the president appoints attorneys who serve around the area of their appointment, after consulting with the state's U.S. senators. Schools' predecessor, Keven Ryan, was one of the eight U.S. Attorneys forced out in the recent scandal (though apparently more for poor managerial skills than for political reasons).

What seems pretty clear is that Schools knows what his priorities are. His prior gigs included working in the office of South Carolina U.S. Attorney Strom Thurmond, Jr., where he handled public relations in the first federal case ever brought against a political protester for not adhering to "free speech zones" during a presidential visit. Thurmond, Jr.'s (who was appointed at the age of 28 as a White House favor to his father) office also made news a few years ago for prosecuting girls who sold their panties over the Internet.

This is your Justice Department. And these are their priorities. Sleep safe, America.