Faith vs HIV

If you believe, you're less likely to catch it:

"HIV-positive people who say religion is an important part of their lives are likely to have fewer sexual partners and engage in high-risk sexual behavior less frequently than other people with the virus that causes AIDS, according to a study issued today by the RAND Corporation. As a result, people with HIV who have stronger religious ties are less likely to spread the virus..."

Maybe if the churches didn't stigmatize and alienate many of those at risk from the virus, they could be more of a part of the solution and less a part of the problem. More from the blog-post:

"This study suggests that there's a role for religious institutions to play in the fight against the spread of HIV," Galvan said. "They have these core belief systems that do have a positive impact on the lives of people who are HIV-positive and who are sexually active. Religiosity is an untapped resource in the whole struggle against HIV and AIDs, and should be looked at more thoroughly."