Email of the Day

A reader writes:

Oh my god! I think I just had the first realization of loss of the moral high ground! I was reading this story of the detainees:

"And after the 15 marines and sailors were seized they were subjected to random interrogation and rough handling, and faced constant psychological pressure, they said."

I found myself thinking thank God they got away so easily and then I realized that I was comparing their treatment to Abu Graib - my frame of reference was the horrible treatment meted out by America - not some far away dictatorship! And this is supposed to be the land of the Miranda law - the irony has me stumped.

The one silver lining of this humiliation is that finally - finally! - some have begun to absorb what the Bush detention policy has led to. I'm not done with McCarthy, by the way. His profound ignorance of the Geneva Conventions has finally been exposed - by him. Stay tuned.