Email of the Day

A reader writes:

Michelle Malkin, for once, does indeed have a point. My 4-year old granddaughter is African-American. I'm happy Imus is gone, but I'd be even happier to get rid of the Snoops and R. Kellys. I want my beautiful granddaughter to grow up in a world that can celebrate her loveliness without seeing her as something to be "bagged".

I should point out, however, that NRO's triumphant list of references to nappy hair is not so impressive. The term has been used for ages by black women to describe hair whose texture makes styling a challenge. Most of the books are undoubtedly how-to manuals and helpful hints (except for "Happy To Be Nappy", my granddaughter's favorite children's book, which celebrates the beauty of little black girls.) Nothing at all wrong with the term - but a bunch of old white men ridiculing young women as "nappy-headed hos" on national television takes the term where it was never meant to go. I'm just grateful my granddaughter didn't hear it.

Me too.