Email from the Base

Here's an email from a regular emailer - the kind you'd read every day many times a day if we had open comments sections. He's responding to this post which noted a remarkable 30-point Democratic advantage among those under 30. Here is his response:

Below is what the "30 point lead" link connected to.

Democrats lead by five percentage points among men, by fourteen points among women. Nancy Pelosi’s party holds a staggering 30-percentage point lead among voters under 30. Separate surveys have shown that a declining number of Americans now identify themselves as Republicans.

So voters under thirty are neither men nor women. Okay, what are they? What is their sex?  Are they human, never mind American citizens?

"Nancy Pelosi's party holds a staggering..."

Wow, when did Nancy Pelosi form her own party? I am going out on a limb here, but since I didn't hear about that, and I pay closer attention to what happens in politics then the average person, and with young people, especially under thirty, being notorious for ignoring politics, this is meaningless because only the hard core political junkies would even know about Pelosi forming her own party, the sample is too small AND the reporter is obviously an anti-American Socialist.

The other thing Andrew, with AIDS and all, I am still very surprised you fell for it, because the obvious. Who, what sane person, is even thinking about politics, never mind identity, in late March and early April after an election and twenty months before the next one?

The GOP is in great shape, isn't it? I have no idea why voters under thirty are abandoning it in droves.