A reader tries to talk me into one, after this post:

I'm going to put this to you plainly and I hope you listen close (it's for your own good). America's romance with cars has nothing to do with commuting to work or one-upping your yuppie neighbor, it has everything to do with the sensation of a perfect drive. Here is a sporting conquest, an affirmation of skill, a moment of oneness and bliss, even a religious experience waiting for anyone with the right car and a driver's license. I hope you can apply the same sensibility that led you to post the dressage video a few weeks ago to the world of automobiles. It will open your eyes.

I'd recommend taking the keys right out of your boyfriend's hands, especially if the car is rear wheel drive and light weight, and heading at least two hours north of NYC. Anything north of New Paltz in mountainous terrain is essentially police free, without posted speed limits, and without traffic. Just look for mountain passes, reservoir roads, really anything that refuses to stay straight for more than 200 yards. No need to plan anything else (food, lodgings, amusement), trust me, it will all fall into place.

Well, I watched the video. Maybe you have to be there.