Burning Bridges


From the NYT - and, yes, this strikes me as a more important story than some cranky old bigot on the radio:

The Convention Center is one of the most heavily guarded buildings inside the Green Zone, a four-square-mile area surrounded by blast walls and concertina wire that houses the offices of the Iraqi government and the American embassy.

The blast followed the destruction of the al-Sarafiya brudge in Baghdad by hours. Message: Nowhere is safe. Surge or no surge: this country is in collapse.

(Photo: Iraqi rescue workers search for victims in the River Tigris at the destroyed al-Sarafiya bridge after a suicide bomb attack, on April 12, 2007 in Baghdad, Iraq. A suicide truck bomb exploded on the busy bridge, killing at least 10 people, cutting the bridge in two. The bridge connects the Sunni Waziriyah and the Shiite Utafiyah neighbourhoods. By Wathiq Khuzaie/Getty Images.)