Bloch vs Rove?

This Los Angeles Times story strikes me as interesting. Money quote:

[Scott J. Bloch, head of the Office of Special Counsel and a presidential appointee] said the new investigation grew from two narrower inquiries his staff had begun in recent weeks. One involved the fired U.S. attorney from New Mexico, David C. Iglesias. The other centered on a PowerPoint presentation that a Rove aide, J. Scott Jennings, made at the General Services Administration this year.

That presentation listed recent polls and the outlook for battleground House and Senate races in 2008. After the presentation, GSA Administrator Lorita Doan encouraged agency managers to "support our candidates," according to half a dozen witnesses. Doan said she could not recall making such comments.

The Los Angeles Times has learned that similar presentations were made by other White House staff members, including Rove, to other Cabinet agencies. During such presentations, employees said they got a not-so-subtle message about helping endangered Republicans.

If the name Scott Bloch doesn't ring any bells for you, I cannot say the same for me. This is the same Scott Bloch who refused to enforce Clinton administration protections for gay and lesbian federal employees. Whatever else he is, Bloch is no liberal. If he is taking on the Rove machine, then the internecine Republican war is deepening. David Corn has more on Bloch here. And here's a YouTube of the congressional questioning that helped kick-start the investigation. I posted it once before. It clearly has legs: