A contretemps in San Francisco led to this dyspeptic post at the paleocon American Thinker. Money quote:

My complaint is with the bad attitude way too many bicyclists have toward others. I am certain there are drivers who scare the wits out of them and endanger their lives. But that is no reason to give into a self-righteous fury at all drivers.

That's a complaint? Of course, we bicyclists shouldn't express fury at all drivers. Just most of them. But, of course, my own experience is that the "bad attitude" invariably lies with those in cars. Many American drivers (it's different in Europe) simply act as if cyclists have no right to be on the road at all. You get "doored" all the time, cut off, pushed into curbs, and, my pet peeve, prevented even from crossing streets by cars sitting plonk in the way trying to get into oncoming traffic. After my testosterone shots, it's a wonder I don't go Cheney on these people.  Especially those in their smug, huge SUVs.