Atheism and Mystery, Ctd.

An atheist dissents (along with many others in the email in-tray):

To say, as one of your readers did, that I am not filled with wonder every day at the world around me is not true. Sometimes, as now in the springtime, I am overcome with the beauty and mystery of the world.  But just because I don't understand it doesn't mean that it is not explainable now or in the future.  A hundred years ago most people would never have dreamed that you could walk into a big tube and fly(!) all the way around the world in a matter of hours.  Who would ever have imagined that a person could communicate with someone else on the other side of the world via telephone or internet in a matter of seconds?

I think each person goes through life searching for answers and the older you get the more the questions revolve around death and the true meaning of life.  I'm very content knowing that there is nothing more and that it has been enough just to live on this wonderful earth.  I am truly at peace and appreciate each day as it comes.