Arglebargle or Foofaraw?


A reader writes:

And to think I previously respected your Simpson's I.Q. "Foofaraw" is used in an episode listed among the Top 25 all-time as chosen by Entertainment Weekly.

As a labor relations attorney, it is probably my all time favorite. In "Last Exit to Springfield" Homer becomes plant union boss and goes mano-a-mano with Mr. Burns over the employee dental plan, among other hot worker issues of the day. Homer, of course, trades all for a keg of beer in the lunchroom. And don't miss Lisa's touching picket-line folk singing..."they have the plant, but we have the power".

Anyway, reporter Kent Brockman, in commenting on the story, asks the immortal question as a pithy commentary: "Arglebargle, or fooferaw?"

I will now slink back to my cubicle.