A reader writes:

If you're looking for anecdotal evidence of Republican collapse among the young here's some for you. I'm white, from Putnam county (just above Westchester county in New York), an entrepreneur (new business almost a year old happily profitable), from a middle class family, college educated, married with a baby on the way, and 26 years old. Wouldn't you say that's essentially the profile of an Eisenhower Republican. My family has always voted Republican, but me and every single one of my friends have never voted for a person with an R next to their name. 

It's not because we believe the Democratic platform, those idiots could use a little education about incentives. We just believe in representative government as set up by Madison, and hope that the opposition party might offer that. Young voters who want small government, low taxation, and good infrastructure programs (think 50's interstate highway system) vote Democratic because if all the Republicans are offering is God, torture, and a unitary executive, you might as well hope for democracy from the other party.

God, torture and an untrammeled executive: a good summary of what conservatism has become.