An Intrepid Trio

Perhaps fortuitously, I'm taking a few days off for a pre-scheduled breather from the blog. I'm extremely lucky to have persuaded three of the best young writers and thinkers out there to blog in this space while I'm off-duty. Ross Douthat is an Atlantic colleague, who shares a blog with the inimitable Reihan Salam, an actual Dish alum (he used to edit the Letters Page). Megan McArdle blogs for the Economist and as Jane Galt. Welcome back, Reihan and Ross. Welcome, Megan. This is also a good opportunity for me to mention the interns who have helped me immeasurably in keeping the Dish al dente these past few months at the Atlantic: Jessie Roberts, Eric Siegel, Whitney Kassel, Zoe Pollock, and Brooke Nevils. They've gone where no Atlantic intern has gone before; and they've taught me much more about the blogosphere. I also owe Shaun Raviv a great deal on the design front. As for the guest bloggers, your emails are more than welcome as always. But be nice. They are our guests.