A Lovely Love Song

[Reihan] Dr. Dog, critical favorites from Philadelphia, have a beautiful song called "Keep A Friend" that you can find via eMusic or iTunes. You can also listen to it at I Guess I'm Floating, though I do hope you at least consider buying Dr. Dog's excellent new album: you won't regret it, assuming you don't hate The Beatles, psychedelic rock, children, sunsets, and basic human decency. I don't even like The Beatles. Under Patriot Act II, this would have been grounds for revoking my citizenship. But I digress.

Normally I scoff at love songs. Indeed, I advocate a future in which humans are replaced by transistorized neohumans devoid of any capacity for bourgeois sentimentality, the better to serve our robot overlords. But we all make exceptions.

Dr. Dog is quite popular, but The Affair is not, at least not yet. "Wait for It" is probably my favorite from Yes Yes to You, but it's not an easy call.