"Serious Change" Wanted

A reader writes:

My partner and I were at her parents' house this weekend in eastern NC. They are people who grew up in a segregated South and would not be upset if life, in some instances, had remained that way.

So much to our surprise this weekend, they both declared they were voting for Obama! I literaly almost fell out of the recliner! I was like "What did you just say?" They laughed and said, "Yeah, we are voting for him because we agree with his views and we are sick of Bush and his stubborness and arrogance towards the war." Being the smart ass that I am, I told them if they had seen Obama on TV and knew that he was black. They just smiled and said, "Yes, so what? We need serious change in this country."

Whoever captures that mood best will win the presidency. And, no, I don't think the email was planted by an Obama staffer.