"Our Fuzzy Babies"

A reader writes:

Gays versus Ferrets? What am I supposed to do with this information? My partner and I own two ferrets, whom we refer to as "our fuzzy babies", "the little munchkins", or simply "The Girls". Living in Florida, we are prevented from marrying or adopting - but at least they're not taking our ferrets away from us!

If the poll was based on cuteness, I think my ferrets would probably win, however. You can see them here and judge for yourself. Sad that San Diego expresses its wisdom in endorsing gay marriage, but then displays its ignorance by continuing to ban ferrets.

And by the way, the headline of that article is completely wrong. Ferrets are not rodents, not even close. They are carnivores, same family as minks and raccoons. They're directly related to both cats and dogs, biologically speaking. Ferrets posses the curiosity and resilience of a cat combined with the rambunctiousness and affection of a dog. They are perfect pets for a fastidious gay couple who like things neat, clean and orderly but who also enjoy a sloppy, furry kiss from an animal when they get home.

I'm going to leave the last comment well alone.