Please, Mr Romney

Could I get $5,000? You've been giving to lots of journalists lately, and this blog is getting set to celebrate its seventh anniversary. You've got a pile of money, so this little donation shouldn't hurt you any. I have a list of other bloggers who'd be equally delighted to be paid off encouraged to continue our fearlessly independent journalism. I'm a supporter of gay equality as you are were, I'm opposed to abortion morally but am prepared to keep it legal in the first trimester as you do did, I thought your speech at CPAC was great, and I've been a big defender of keeping religion out of politics as you are were. I understand you have been giving money to other bloggers. I may not be as resolutely unimpeachable and non-partisan as Kathryn-Jean Lopez or National Review, but I hope you'll consider a small donation as a token of moral support. I will, of course, disclose it somewhere or other.