Krauthammer in a Nutshell

Chris Orr gets it right:

a) It's okay for the president - not just legally, but morally - to fire any and all U.S. attorneys any time he feels they are not adequately pursuing his priorities; b) it's okay if those priorities include getting more members of his own party elected; and c) the whole thing is a pseudo-scandal until the evidence of explicit obstruction of justice reaches a threshold where it is beyond dispute.

Yep, that's about it. And the real problem with Gonzales is that he didn't come out and defend this brazen politicization of the justice system to the Congress in the first place. No word from Charles about the bypassing of the Senate with the secret clause slipped into the Patriot Act. But avoidance of such matters is no longer that rare. Charles used to be one of sanest, fairest conservative commentators around. But defending Bush through thick and thin and even torture has clearly taken its toll.