Hannity on Coulter

Here's part of an interview of Sean Hannity by Michelle Malkin (who has denounced Coulter's slur):

SH: I didn't hear it. I'd rather see it before I comment on it and whatever. You know, no other person is responsible for what a person says except that person. And so, if they have a problem with what Ann Coulter says, blame Ann Coulter. You can't blame somebody else for what she said. So I didn't see it.

MM: Except that we're all role models here. And there are so many young people they inspire--

SM: --I don't use that term, so that's my answer to you if she used it.

A reader comments:

I can't count the number of times Hannity has brought someone on his show and demanded that they denounce the comments of someone else. He pushes, and pushes, and pushes that point, implying that if they don't denounce it outright, they must agree with it. It's one of his most common tactics. I'm glad to see he holds himself to his own high standards. I never thought I'd say this -- but good for Michelle Malkin.

I'm impressed with her too.