Full Disclosure, Please

Bob Kagan already pronounces the surge strategy in Iraq a success. Glenn Greenwald has a summary of Kagan's previous declarations of success in Iraq, i.e. from March 2004:

We may have turned a corner in terms of security. What's more, there are hopeful signs that Iraqis of differing religious, ethnic, and political persuasions can work together. This is a far cry from the predictions made before the war by many, both here and in Europe, that a liberated Iraq would fracture into feuding clans and unleash a bloodbath.

But, hey, just because Kagan has been completely wrong about the "successes" so far doesn't mean that he cannot strike lucky this time. And there are some tiny flickers of hope in the surge, proof to me, at least, that if we'd had a sane defense secretary four years ago, we might have had a chance to win. But it seems to me that the Washington Post should have disclosed that the plan Kagan is assessing was authored by by his brother and sister-in-law, Fred and Kimberly Kagan. If that isn't a conflict of interest that requires disclosure, what is?