D'Souza vs Johnson

Dinesh all but accuses Johnson of being a racist in his New Criterion review. Money quote:

Voluntarily, I came to America and became a citizen. So if I have "gone native," I have gone native in America. I have assimilated to the American way of life, not by osmosis, but deliberately and deliberatively, and I have given the reasons for my change of heart in my book What's So Great About America. Since I have a good knowledge of both Western and non-Western cultures, I approached the leading thinkers of radical Islam in an attempt to study what their ideas are, and why they are winning so many converts to their nefarious cause. My objective is to understand the enemy, so that we can fight him better.

Unable to grapple with a guy who actually knows other cultures from within, who has a real knowledge of the Muslim world, and who doesn't succumb to the rabid Islamophobia characteristic of Johnson and some others on the right, my philistine fellow blogger can do no better than accusing me of "going native." Next time remind me to bring my prayer rug.