Bobby and Marilyn


Did he assist in her suicide? I do not know if the FBI recently disclosed report has any basis in truth - it was compiled by J. Edgar Hoover, after all - but it's a bombshell if accurate:

On the same day, Kennedy had booked out of the Beverley Hills Hotel and flown to San Francisco where he booked into the St Charles Hotel, owned by a friend. "Robert Kennedy made a telephone call from St Charles Hotel, San Francisco, to Peter Lawford to find out if Marilyn was dead yet."

Lawford called and spoke to Monroe "then checked again later to make sure she did not answer". The document claims the housekeeper, Eunice Murray, who had been hired by the actress on the advice of Dr Greenson, then called the psychiatrist. "Marilyn expected to have her stomach pumped out and get sympathy for her suicide attempt. The psychiatrist left word for Marilyn to take a drive in the fresh air but did not come to see her until after she was known to be dead." ...

The FBI report says Kennedy had promised Monroe he would divorce his wife and marry her, but the actress eventually realised he had no intention of doing so. About this time, he had told her not to worry about 20th Century Fox cancelling her contract - "he would take care of everything". When nothing happened, she called him at work and they had "unpleasant words. She was reported to have threatened to make public their affair."

Hence the assisted suicide. Makes Anna Nicole seem banal in comparison, doesn't it? Of course, it should be treated with extreme skepticism: we are told the report "could not be sourced or authenticated" but nonetheless made its way to the very top of the FBI. The sheer detail of the report, including the threat of Joe DiMaggio Sr to kill Kennedy to seek revenge after Kennedy left office, is striking. A sign of Hoover's obsessions? Or a sign of the seriousness of the charge? I have no idea. Here's more context from the writer who discovered the material. Money quote:

One more unclassified piece of this jigsaw puzzle is a 1963 teletype marked "decoded" and "urgent" sent to Hoover soon after the assassination of JFK: "To director: …  [deleted] informed that Attorney-General Robert Kennedy made a very secret trip to Los Angeles for a conference with [Chief William H.] Parker during which conference the Attorney-General allegedly told Parker he would replace Director as head of the FBI." No date for this trip is provided. This is the same Parker the secret memo names as having the Monroe telephone records. Hoover was never removed and Kennedy left the administration of President Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Over to you, Oliver Stone.