Blacks and Obama

Bacardi L. Jackson watches as various African-Americans cast aspersions on Barack Obama's candidacy and talk about whether he is really a good representative for black Americans. Then she loses it:

If I had the technological savvy, I would jump off this page with all the passion, hope, rage and volume of Spike Lee's Dap and tell you, brothers and sisters everywhere, please please please WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

The best thing Barack can do for us is to win, not show up at yet another black forum simply to prove he's one of us by placating the egos who believe Barack should clear his calendar for their "ultimate black" event!  There are plenty of other candidates (and so-called leaders) who warrant our scrutiny and skepticism - not to mention a host of misogynistic lyricists, child molesting musicians, and other unaccountable black-community-made millionaires.  Barack, however, has proven with his excellence, his achievements, his commitments, and his life's work that he warrants our support. 

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