An Open Letter To Al Mohler

A Baptist from the rural South, who has kept the faith as a gay man, responds to Albert Mohler's recent support for the idea of trying to de-gay unborn children in the womb with hormonal treatments. Money quote:

The question I had for God was simple: I perceive myself to be the me whom You intended me to be, yet the church, Your church, says that the way I am made to be is wrong, prima facie, in and of itself. So, Lord, what is it? Either You made a mistake, or the church is misperceiving Your leading.

Of course, the answer is found in the question, since God is God and in Him are no mistakes. And thus began the rest of my life, as, having settled the issue to my satisfaction, I could get on with keeping my commitment to serve Christ in my life through whatever opportunities and challenges might lie ahead. I could see my situation as a problem or a gift. I now knew it was a gift, and having viewed it as such, I can say today, some 37 years later, it has borne remarkable fruits of the spirit and good works for the betterment of others in both this world and the next.