What's Happened To Bush

A reader says it's really simple:

He is just an ordinary man of average, intelligence, not there's anything wrong with that. He doesn't have a lot of interests. He's not very deep. He doesn't worry or ponder too much about life. He is sort of a simple guy, not that there's anything wrong with that. Now, he is at the center of high pressure, high stakes, power politics. He controls trillions of dollars; he is waging a complicated war that is not going well, which was planned and orchestrated on lies, which he must justify and explain. Now, it is all coming undone. The spotlight is on him. He must speak. He must think. He must lead. It is very difficult for him. Sometimes, I feel pangs of hate for him, for what he is doing for our country. Other times, I think, "poor guy." That's what's wrong with him.