What Tim Hardaway Hates

Two small stories today of two couples: one in England, the other in Texas. The Texas relationship is between a player on the winning NCAA basketball team in 2005 and her partner. Emily Nkosi put her love and study before her sports career and seems happier for it. In England, a rare autistic genius manages to find security and direction with the help of a loving spouse. And, yes, he's gay too. Money quote:

On the mantelpiece of the house is a collection of cards Mr. Tammet received on his latest birthday, including one from Mr. Mitchell, signed with six kisses. "I don’t think I'd be here today if it weren't for his love and support," he said.

If former NBA player, Tim Hardaway, could get to see the integrity of these relationships, maybe his hatred would wane. And if the Republicans could find a way to show these relationships the respect and support they deserve, they could go some way to rehabilitating themselves with many good-hearted Americans.