Waiting for Rudy

A conservative reader writes:

Let's see, in Guliani. we've apparently got a guy who on one hand is on the wrong side of some social issues, but on the other hand, is strong on the WOT-related issue. But what about everything else?

What about Tax Reform, fiscal (budgetary and entitlement) reform, education reform (vouchers, etc.), health care reform (and no, not the one-size-fits-all nonsense that Uncle Teddy dreams about)? What about the damn near $3-T federal behemoth that grows seemingly unabated via nonsensical expenditures like agricultural subsidies, etc?

I would hope that at some point we'll find out where Rudy stands on those issues. I suspect he's both a forceful proponent of wholesale reform in all necessary areas and relentless and articulate enough to browbeat the establishment into aquiescence. If that pans out, those who have blinders on now as they focus on either end of the existing bipolar discussion will open their eyes all the way.

The two great advantages Giuliani has are a) national security and b) management skills. In one, he echoes Bush's post-9/11 strength; in the other he is an antidote to how Bush lost that strength. It's win-win for many on the right, I think. He may still implode, but the potential is real.