The magazine I once edited is going bi-weekly and has some serious new investors. JPod worries that a fortnightly changes TNR's DNA irreparably. So would its disappearance - and I fear that the weekly magazine is simply defunct in the age of the web. (The New Yorker and the Economist are the exceptions that prove the rule.) The bottom line is that TNR's future looks a lot brighter than it did recently. That's a very good thing, if you care, as I do, about the magazine, its history, its legacy and its continued capacity to attract real talent. Frank Foer understands the need to make some trouble at a political mag - it's already far livelier; Ryan Lizza and Mike Crowley are great reporters; Jon Chait, who's taking over TRB, is an astringent, witty man of the left; Leon Wieseltier, although we've had deep personal conflicts, is an indisputably great literary editor. I love TNR, understand its need to reassert its liberal identity (I had a good time pushing at that envelope for a few years), and hope it flourishes as an out bi publication. Good luck, guys.